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Beautiful Betrayal coverCheated on by the man she planned to marry, Claire came out fighting and more determined than ever her next lover would want her, not her father’s billions.

When she moves to New York, gets a job and meets John, their relationship sparks despite her lack of full disclosure.

But just when everything seems idyllic, disaster strikes and threatens to lose her not only John’s love, but also her life.

The first review of Beautiful Betrayal:

I almost missed out on reviewing this book since I wasn’t sure if I would have time to review another book on my list. However, since it was short, I decided to review it and I am so happy I did!

I loved this book! It was like a teaser for what is to come in hopefully a next book! I can’t wait to learn more about Claire and John, but also to follow them on their romance and journey. The only downfall is that the book ended way too soon!

Saran Torche… when is the next book coming out? I am desperately waiting!

Rating: 4.5/5

Book Description.

1Esther dedicates all her time to her career, but secretly she longs for more. On a night out, she decides to have her first one-night-stand with Duke, a delicious stranger. Their night together sizzles and leaves her wanting more until she wakes to find a note of thanks

. . . . and nothing else.

A week or so later, when Esther reluctantly attends a family celebration, she is introduced to a member of the family by her estranged mother.

It’s Duke!

Esther wants to run screaming into the night, but she’s trapped on a yacht for the night, and John is up for round two.

*When life takes a sexy turn, should Esther change direction or dabble in debauchery for a chance at love?*

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