Both #Romance shorts for FREE on #Kindle May 11th-15th 2017

Hello all. I’m thrilled to offer you BOTH romance reads for FREE for five days. Please go download both stories for a races few hours of fun, tension, suspense and of course, yummy romance.

Go to these links between 11th and 15th May 2017 and get these on your Kindle.

Beautiful Betrayal coverCheated on by the man she planned to marry, Claire came out fighting and more determined than ever that her next lover would want her, not her father’s billions.

When she moves to New York, gets a job and meets John, their relationship sparks despite her lack of full disclosure. But just when everything seems idyllic, disaster strikes and threatens to lose her not only John’s love, but also her life.

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Esther dedicates all her time to her career, but secretly she longs for more. On a night out, she decides to have her first one-night-stand with Duke, a delicious stranger. Their night together sizzles and leaves her wanting more until she wakes to find a note of thanks

. . . . and nothing else.

A week or so later, when Esther reluctantly attends a family celebration, she is introduced to a new member of the family by her estranged mother.

It’s Duke!

Esther wants to run screaming into the night, but she’s trapped on a yacht for the night, and John is up for round two.

*When life takes a sexy turn, should Esther change direction or dabble in debauchery for a chance at love?*


Dabbling in Debauchery is coming soon…. #eroticromance #romance

Hello, lovely readers of sizzling romance!

This is a quickie blog post to tell you that WIP number two is almost ready to launch. I’m asking for pre-publication reviews NOW! Like your reads to be quick, sizzling, sexy? Then fill in the form and I’ll send you the story, for free, for our honest opinion (once it launches, in one month from now). At approx 23’000 words, it will be a quick read for you, so I’m hoping busy romance readers can fit it in between novels 🙂

Before you decide, here’s a little bit about it and the sexy cover:

This is the working synopsis:

Coming soon . . .
Coming soon . . .

Esther is notoriously unlucky in love. Not in the sense that her heart has been broken, more that it has never really been shaken or even stirred.

After a long dry spell, she’s tired of playing it safe.

On a night out with her bestie, Kelly, she meets Duke. A dazzling charmer on the hunt for a one-night-stand. Esther falls for his deep brown eyes and his way with words.

Their night together rocks her world so much she wants more, but he’s a strict bachelor.

She licks her wounds and decides a family party in the Hamptons with her mother is a good idea. Or at least, it’s the best she’s got. That is until one late arrival to the celebrations turns out to be the very last person she expected, and worst of all, it turns out they’re . . . kind of related.

Will this shocking revelation turn her stomach, or turn her on? And what on earth would her mother say?

Want to review this quick burst of sizzling romance? Oh, go on. 🙂

Also, if you have a blog and would like to get involved in the book launch next month, let me know:

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